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About Us

How It Started

JNT Company, an interactive web and marketing company in Manhattan Kansas unveiled its new virtual reality experience in November of 2016.  Jeff Hake, creator and founder came up with the idea as an innovative tool for business marketing strategies.

Hake is a Beloit, Kansas native.  He was a high school track athlete, and even broke a 30-year-old league record in the discus throw.  Jeff later went on to The University of Kansas on a track scholarship.  While visiting Manhattan one day he met, Tara.  Upon meeting her parents on their first date, Hake learned that it was her father who set the discus record 30 years ago, that he had beat.   He later married Tara.  They relocated to Manhattan, Kansas in 2006.  Hake established his career as a Networking System Analyst with Morgan Keegan, and Tara is an optometrist at Manhattan Eye Care. Later Hake worked for Kansas State University as a LAN Systems analyst, before starting JNT Company

The virtual reality experience and simulator was born after JNT Company was hired to organize and plan a 3-day Holiday lighting event in Manhattan.  Hake wanted to bring something unique to attract large amounts of people.  This is how the Santa sleigh ride came to fruition.  Hake worked with partners all over the nation to build this experience, including gaming companies, computer engineers, 3-D graphic designers, as well as trailer manufacturing companies.

After successfully completing this event, Jeff formed VR In-Motion.  The ride itself is built inside a 28-foot mobile trailer.  Patrons are placed in seats on a horizontal platform, the simulator underneath moves in all directions; this provides enhanced motion to really feel like your immersed into the experience.  Originally when Hake was contemplating on how to make this all work, he thought virtual reality was pretty cool on its own, but not where it could be.  Hake didn’t just want a single VR experience but several VR headsets synced together.  This led him to research a way this could be done. Hake did not find a company that had this technology as of yet, so Hake invented a way to accomplish syncing multiple headsets together to achieve his desired results and is now working towards a patent on the technology.

Our Vision

To be told “it’s like Disney World in a trailer” from our patrons is extremely gratifying. We realize that there are families who may never get to go to Disney World or get to experience what it’s like to fly.  Our vision is to bring alternate realities to you.  In doing so, we hope to inspire you to venture out, get out of your comfort zone and see in “real life” what this great world has to offer.  We are constantly working on new experiences so send us a comment and let us know where you'd like to go!

Who Makes It Possible

VR In-Motion would not be possible without the financial support of local and regional sponsors, these include: Briggs Auto Group, Peoples State Bank, K-State Military Affairs, Manhattan Eye Care, Manhattan Area Technical College, Festival of Lights, Military Relations Committee, AUSA, Ultra Electronics, Prime Lending, Wakeeney Chamber of Commerce, Oakley Chamber of Commerce, and Community National Bank.

We are always looking for new strategic alliances and sponsors who want to be a part of our vision.  If you'd like more information please contact us and find out how you can help!

Marketing Strategy

Currently this technology is taking two distinct paths.  We are working with cities, businesses, and governments to provide a thrill ride for community events, and we are also working with larger entities to develop a VR theatre experience for theme parks, museums, and other tourist attractions.  The future is here for VR, and with VR In-Motion anything is [virtually] possible.